Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Started

So, after rabidly following Volpin for over a year I decided to try my hand at propmaking in my spare time as I have been greatly missing working with my hands.  As someone who appreciates his tutorial-esque style and the insight he provides in his work I am probably going to be following the same general format that he has been using.
Currently in anticipation of going to RTX (July 5th-9th) I am working on two projects. They are having an auction for Child's Play on the first night of the convention and for that I am fabricating a wearable HEV Suit.  It is going to be made from fiberglass and some foam materials for the large part, and I am hoping it will raise a decent amount for this awesome cause.  For that project I'll be putting up probably 3 or so progress posts over the next 3 months.
In addition as a slightly less work-intensive project I am working on a replica human leg as a gift to the folks at Roosterteeth.  For those of you wondering why it is in relation to a joke from one of their podcasts.  This project most likely will get put up when I finish it sometime between now and July.

Current Projects:
Half-Life 2 HEV Suit (Donation to Child's Play)
Replica Human Leg (Gift to Roosterteeth)

For Day To Day Progress: